Flood Insurance Xchange (FIX)

Sterling Surplus Underwriters is proud to announce the launch of FIX (Flood Insurance Xchange), which allows you to receive a Quote and Declaration Page in less than 10 minutes. FIX is a highly interactive quoting engine for coastal flood insurance in the US, offering multiple carriers and multiple solutions in one incredible location.


Sterling Surplus Underwriters has been the industry choice for Private Flood Insurance placement since 2008, offering boutique flood products including; CBRA Flood, Excess Flood, Deductible Buyback, and FloodSeal. Dedicated to solving problems for flood related issues, Sterling Surplus Underwriters creatively packaged a program offering bank-accepted coverage for risks located in coastal flood zones.


“In addition to solving flood related issues in the market, we also focused on the customer experience with service standards for Retail Agents,” said Brad Moncrief, Owner of Sterling Surplus Underwriters. “We understand that our clients are depending on a comprehensive product at a fair price, offered quickly and accurately for the benefit of everyone involved. This has been a constant focus for Sterling and continues to be today with the release of FIX. We have the most expansive dedicated in-house flood binding authority in the industry, which allows us to quote and bind risks within 24hours and often times sooner. We know that we have created a product that makes it easier for our agents to write business. And at the end of the day, we want to help our customers work smarter.”


At Sterling Surplus, we work hard to stay in the forefront of technology while keeping our agents in mind. We are proud to release FIX (Flood Insurance Xchange) that offers:


We felt strongly about our product, but when an agent, Sarah from Alabama says things like; “The ability to rate online and make changes while clients were on the phone really helped them make the decision. They were in a time crunch and had I not been able to quote them different options as quickly as your online quote platform allows, I think they would have walked. Thanks for creating this great program.” We know that we are helping make their jobs easier.


For more information regarding FIX or to sign up as an Agent, click here or contact Sterling Surplus Underwriters at service@sterlingsu.com and be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.